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Murder is one of the most severely penalized crimes in the entire legal system, and facing accusations can be a life-changing and frightening experience. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, wondering where you can turn to protect your name and your freedoms from the stiff penalties. When you are facing murder charges, do not hesitate to call a Buffalo criminal defense lawyer from The Rossi Law Firm.

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Types of Murder in New York

Essentially, the crime of murder in New York can be explained as “unjustifiable homicide.” Homicide is a term used to indicate someone taking the life of another person, but in both justified and unjustified situations. These charges are different from manslaughter, which involves general recklessness.

There are three recognized degrees of murder in New York:

  • First-degree murder, or murder committed with pre-meditated intent; while serving a life sentence; for hire; against a peace officer, judge or witness; or while committing another violent crime felony.
  • Second-degree murder, or murder committed in an act of emotional disturbance, causing the death of another due to recklessness while committing another felony, or assisting another in committing suicide.
  • Aggravated murder, murder committed with intent of a peace officer on duty, fire or medical technician on duty, correctional institution officer on duty, or of an individual under the age of 14.

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