Underage DWI

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Has your child been arrested for drunk driving? New York has "Zero Tolerance" laws when it comes to underage drunk driving and every year, countless young people find themselves exposed to significant penalties due to one lapse in judgment. At The Rossi Law Firm, we believe that these individuals should have the resources and counsel they need to combat these charges as necessary and ensure that they receive proper consideration under the law.

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"Zero Tolerance" & Penalties

New York uses a specific gradient of underage drinking laws that are based on the suspect's blood alcohol content (BAC). Any underage driver found with a BAC of .02% is exposed to penalties, but those that had a BAC between .02% and .05% could be subject to different sentencing than those that had a BAC over .05% or even .08%.

Penalties for underage DWI in New York can include:

  • BAC .02% to .05% - $125 civil penalty, six-month license suspension
  • BAC .05% to .07% - fines up to $500, one-year license suspension, maximum of 15 days in jail
  • BAC of .08% or over - fines up to $1,000, one-year license suspension, maximum of one year in jail

Just like standard DWI laws, these penalties can increase with repeat offenses or if the accused refuses a chemical test. Another concern with underage DWI charges is other citations that can "piggyback" onto this kind of offense. Because those under 21 are not supposed to be consuming alcohol, underage DWI suspects are commonly charged with soliciting alcohol, minor in possession, distributing alcohol to other minors, and other similar offenses.

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Your family does not have to face these charges, however, without a skilled advocate by their side. Our firm knows what it takes to secure favorable results in the DWI practice area and will ensure that every avenue towards a reduction or dismissal is aggressively explored by our team.

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