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Why Private Representation is Better than a Public Defender

Why Private Representation is Better than a Public Defender

In 1963, the Supreme Court made a landmark ruling in the case of Gideon vs. Wainwright, which essentially made public defenders available to those who could not afford an attorney. Ten years later, the National Advisory Council on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals (NAC) released a report which recommends the maximum annual caseload for public defenders, as well as how much time a defender should spend on their caseload each year.

Five decades after the initial ruling, public defenders are now overworked and simply don’t have the time or resources to mount a proper defense for those they represent. As a result of this inability to spend sufficient time investigating a case, the vast majority of these cases end in guilty pleas. For this reason, you should always seek representation from a skilled Buffalo criminal defense lawyer if you’re facing any type of criminal charges.

Too Much Work

The biggest issue with choosing a public defender to represent you is their caseload. According to the previously referenced NAC report, public defenders are handling nearly 50% more cases per year than is recommended. Furthermore, these standards are from 1973, when criminal cases were significantly less complex and often required less time and investigation.

Not Enough Specialization/In-Depth Experience

Public defenders are often highly experienced with many aspects of criminal law, but most of their clients end up pleading guilty. An experienced Buffalo DWI lawyer, for example, will have more insight into the specific statute being violated, will better understand how to beat the results of DUI tests, and will generally be better equipped to defend you in court.

Not Enough Resources

Especially for felony cases, the lack of resources available to public defenders can make or break a case. Attorneys will often rely on expert testimony to help establish certain information, and public defenders simply don’t have the same access to these weapons as a private Buffalo criminal defense attorney.

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