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Attorney Nicholas Rossi Reviews DWI Licensing Issues for Buffalo Business First

Attorney Nicholas Rossi Reviews DWI Licensing Issues for Buffalo Business First

DWI offenders in New York don't just face criminal penalties, but administrative ones from the DMV, as well. These administrative policies became significantly harsher in September 2012 due to new regulations and Attorney Nicholas Rossi recently detailed them in a column for Buffalo Business First's law blog called "Licensing issues in DWI-related offenses."

In the column, Attorney Rossi provides a thorough overview the new administrative policies that not only give the DMV wider scope in their review of driving records, but also make it more difficult for some DWI offenders to return to their usual driving privileges following a conviction. Among the key points:

  • Lifetime "look-back period." Previously, the DMV could only assess the last 10 years of a DWI offender's driving record. Under the new regulations, however, the agency can address the offender's entire driving record.
  • "Dangerous repeat alcohol or drug offenders." These offenders are now defined by drivers who have five or more DWI offenses or have three or four DWI convictions and a "serious driving offense" within a 25-year period.
  • New waiting periods. Previously, DWI offenders could have their license reinstated after their criminal license revocation. Now the DMV enforces its own waiting period following the criminal revocation. These waiting periods can last 2 to 5 years depending on offenders driving record.
  • Lifetime bans. Lifetime driving bans can now be considered for drivers with especially troubled driving records or drivers who are again convicted of a DWI while using a restricted license.

These are just the broad strokes of these incisive and particularly unforgiving DMV regulations. Even in summary, however, they are again a testament to the importance of having an effective DWI defense counsel if you are ever facing one of these alcohol or drug-impaired driving charges.

You can review all of "Licensing issues in DWI-related offenses" and Attorney Nicholas' insight here.

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