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Nicholas Michael Rossi Interviewed by WBFO 88.7 As an Authority on DWI Cases in the State of New York

Nicholas Michael Rossi Interviewed by WBFO 88.7 As an Authority on DWI Cases in the State of New York

Attorney Nicholas Michael Rossi was interviewed by WBFO 88.7 regarding the complex nature of DWI cases in New York. According to Attorney Rossi, though DWIs may be considered misdemeanors, they still carry steep penalties, such as a maximum of one year in prison.

With skill and authority, Attorney Rossi helped the listeners of WBFO 88.7 understand the intricate process of DWI cases. As he does will all his clients, he desires to ensure that those facing DWI charges are always aware of their legal situation at all stages of the process.

Issues Regarding Chemical Test Refusals

Attorney Rossi reveals how DWI cases become far more complicated if one refuses a chemical test after being pulled over. This is primarily because two separate authorities will have to deal with this case: civil institutions and the criminal institutions.

For example, the actual charges related to DWIs are dealt with by a criminal court. However, the refusal of a chemical test incorporates issues related to license that are handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). As such, both the criminal court and the DMV will sort through DWI cases that involve chemical test refusals in order to attain the proper verdict for your case.

License Suspension Pending Prosecution

One of the most vital questions that surfaced during Attorney Rossi’s interview with WBFO 88.7 was the notion of license suspension. Though it is held that one is innocent until proven guilty, this is not always the case with DWI charges that include a chemical test refusal.

The reality is: the court can indeed suspend one’s license, despite having been convicted of a DWI. The court may suspend one’s license during the first court appearance if:

  • The defendant refused a chemical test after having been properly warned by police officers
  • The defendant was administered a chemical test and the judge possessed the results of the chemical test at the time of the court appearance

If you have been charged with a DWI and are in need of legal help to navigate this difficult process, contact skilled and authoritative New York DWI attorney, Nicholas Michael Rossi today for more information. Our firm has over 40 years of experience, and we will do everything we can to fight for your rights.