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Injuries Caused by Medical Devices


Modern medicine has greatly improved our ability to recover from serious diseases, devastating injuries, even correct developed defects. However, the success rate of these technologies is rarely 100%. These devices have the potential to cause serious or life-altering injuries or illnesses if the machine malfunctions or is used improperly. Let’s take a look at just a few of the different types of injuries that can be caused by a malfunctioning or misuse of a medical device.


For certain devices, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a patient could be killed if it is misused. Complex machinery can often times have unforeseeable adverse actions when it is not properly functioning. While fatal events are exceedingly rare, cutting edge and experimental medical techniques have a considerably higher risk to your safety. Always consult your primary care physician before undergoing treatment that poses a significant risk.


Electricity has been found to have numerous uses in medical technology, most notably in a defibrillator device, which can restart a human heart that goes into cardiac arrest. These devices have saved countless lives since their invention and are now regularly found in medical facilities and public places around the world.

However, if the shock that a defibrillator produces is not properly delivered, it could injure a patient—or even the person using the device. Be sure to carefully follow all instructions on a defibrillator and do not under any circumstances come in contact with electrodes while the machine is in use… unless of course it’s being used to save your life.

Serious Injury

Some medical procedures and devices can result in serious injury. A good example would be an MRI machine, which uses a powerful magnet to produce internal images of the patient—which can be key to evaluating and diagnosing an array of different ailments.

Than being said, the powerful magnetic field will have an effect on any magnetic metal source in vicinity of the machine while it is in use. Any metal that may be implanted in a patient from surgery, or any jewelry, or even some tattoo inks (which are metallic-based) can cause a potentially serious injury when subjected to an MRI machine. Doctors and medical imaging specialists are aware of these risks and yet, every year, there new reports of MRI injuries and even deaths.

Allergic Reaction

Everyone’s biology is unique, and as such, a treatment that may be effective to 99.9% of the population may have devastating adverse health effects on a select few. For example, Penicillin has been called a “wonder drug” that was discovered by complete accident and has saved the lives of millions of people with dangerous bacterial infections. However, despite its longstanding history, it is estimated that less than 1% of the population is seriously allergic to this drug and ingesting it can be extremely dangerous for these individuals.

When an injury results from one of these devices, you could be eligible for compensation, making it important to retain legal counsel from a reputable Buffalo product liability lawyer. At The Rossi Law Firm, we have experience in both product liability and medical malpractice cases and know what it takes to confront manufacturers and medical facilities and hold them accountable for any wrongdoing.

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