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The insurance company’s Defense Medical Exam...What you need to know.


In every personal injury case the Defendant and insurance company have the right to have you examined by their own doctor. Insurance companies like to call this an “independent medical exam” or “IME.” Let’s be clear, there is nothing independent about this medical exam. The insurance company pays this doctor to conduct what is usually a very brief “exam” and prepare a report to be used by the Defendant at trial. The report often concludes that the injured party has no objective signs of injury or, if an injury is apparent, the insurance company’s doctor often concludes the injury was not caused by the accident or incident.

Defense Medical Exam

You will never hear our lawyers refer to this exam as an “independent medical exam.” We will always call this what it is, a “defense medical exam,” or “DME.” That’s what the court will hear throughout the litigation and more importantly, that’s what the jury will hear if your case goes to trial.

Before our injured clients attend this defense medical exam, we will fully explain the procedure and prepare you for what to expect. More importantly, in almost all cases, we will have a nurse paralegal attend the exam with you to observe all aspects of what the insurance company doctor does, or more importantly, what the doctor fails to do, before rendering any opinion or report for the insurance company.

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If you are seriously injured due to a car, truck, or motorcycle crash, slip/trip and fall, dog bite, defective product, or some other cause resulting from the carelessness of someone else, we will review your case at no cost to you. We will never charge a legal fee unless we obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

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