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The Divorce Retainer Agreement – Things You Need to Know!

Signing divorce retainer agreement

Written Agreement Required

In New York, the law requires that the client and their lawyer enter into a written retainer agreement. The terms and provisions of the divorce retainer agreement are somewhat standard, as the courts have dictated certain specific requirements that must be outlined and addressed in the agreement. In every case, the agreement must be signed by both the client and lawyer and filed with the court.

Over the forty plus years handling complex contested divorce and custody matters, The Rossi Law Firm’s divorce retainer agreement has consistently been modified, not only to keep up with the changing requirements of the courts, but to address issues that come up from time to time in cases we have handled. We have determined it is always better to anticipate potential areas and issues that often arise between client and lawyer and address those issues in writing in the retainer agreement so there are no surprises along the way.

Topics Covered in Divorce Retainer Agreement

Some of the topics covered in our divorce retainer agreement are:

  • Nature of Services
  • Hourly Rates and Fee Payment Requirements
  • Billing Requirements
  • Out-Of-Pocket Expenses and Disbursements
  • Forensic Accountant and Expert Requirements
  • Full and Complete Financial Disclosure Requirements
  • Duties and Obligations of the Client and Lawyer
  • Discharge and Withdrawal Terms
  • Social Media Restrictions
  • Confidentiality Requirements.

In addition to the above topics, along with a number of others, each divorce retainer agreement must include a Statement of Client’s Rights and Responsibilities.

Ask Questions BEFORE you sign

It is always better to address these topics right at the beginning of the attorney/client relationship. If you have questions or concerns, make sure you address those questions and concerns with your lawyer before you sign the agreement. The agreement is a binding contract that protects both you and your lawyer. It is important that you understand, accept, and agree with all the terms.

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