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Buffalo Violent Crime Attorney

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When a situation escalates to violence or threats of violence, those responsible can be facing very serious criminal charges. These offenses are aggressively prosecuted due to their volatile nature and injuries they can do to victims. It is no surprise that many cases involving elements of violence result in felony charges against the accused.

If you ever find yourself facing charges for a violent crime, do not hesitate to retain the services of a Buffalo criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate your case. The Buffalo violent crimes attorneys at The Rossi Law Firm know what it takes to combat these charges and capably pursue a favorable result. Our award-winning legal team brings decades of legal experience to our clients’ cases and ensures that every avenue towards the best possible outcome is thoroughly explored.

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Being accused of a violent crime can be a life-changing experience. Not only can you be held in custody for a long period of time before your trial, but a conviction can provide potentially life-altering penalties. While every case is unique, the severity and circumstances of the incident in question can greatly affect the possible penalties the accused will face.

Our attorneys may be able to help you with the defense of violent crimes, such as:

  • Assault and battery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Weapons charges

When you are facing accusations of a violent crime, you will face criminal prosecution, which means you will be given the opportunity to present a defense case in court. This is your chance to prove your innocence or argue that the legal definition of the crime you are charged with does not fit the nature of the actual crime, and therefore you can have the penalties reduced. Before pursuing any of these options, it is vitally important that you speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney who can analyze all of the evidence in your case and advise you on the best route to proceed.

Whether or not you are guilty of a crime like assault, there are a few common arguments that are frequently employed to prove innocence of the charged crime. The following are just a few examples of arguments that you may be able to utilize to your benefit.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The United States justice system operates under the presumption that all persons on trial are considered innocent of all crimes and misdeeds until they are proven otherwise beyond any form of reasonable doubt. Your attorney may choose to use this principle in your favor by simply arguing that the prosecution has failed to adequately prove that you committed the crime in question, and therefore should have the case dismissed. This is commonly used if there is limited evidence against you, or the evidence is not necessarily strong enough to warrant a conviction. This is a commonly used defense in DUI cases.

Have an Alibi

Proving you were not at the scene of the crime when it took place is a good way of proving innocence. If the prosecution argues that a crime took place at a certain date and time, but you have witness testimony and records proving otherwise (like credit card statements or receipts from purchases), then you can prove that you were not at the scene of the crime and are therefore innocent. This is not an invincible argument, but has acquitted many accused individuals over the years. Be sure to present your Buffalo violent crimes lawyer with any evidence that may be used to demonstrate your innocence due to not being at the scene of the crime at the time it was committed.


The law does allow you to protect yourself in situations where you are either threatened or have violence used against you. This is a tricky argument as it does admit that you used violence, but it was not unwarranted. The good news is violence does not have to be used against you in order for your actions to be considered self-defense, but the hard part is you have to prove that you were under threat of violence against you, and that the violent force you used was reasonable considering the circumstances. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you formulate this argument in a concise fashion, but it is not advised that you attempt to use this argument while defending yourself.

Our legal team takes an aggressive approach to each case, providing tailored defense that considers all of the evidence when countering the state’s case against our clients. Even when these cases call for courtroom litigation, our firm has the knowledge, resources, and diligence to ensure that you will receive every consideration you deserve before the law.

Fight back against your violent crime charges with the help of the skilled attorneys from the Rossi Law Firm. Contact us online today to schedule your case consultation appointment.

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