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Protecting Your Marital ASSets in a New York Divorce


Division of Assets is Fact Based

You, or your spouse, have decided it’s time to end the marriage. What can you expect financially? The simple answer is, “It depends.” New York is an “equitable distribution” state. “Equitable” does not necessarily mean “equal,” but it’s a good place to start. The division of assets is fact based and an experienced divorce lawyer will know how to delve into the facts of your case to come up with a strategy and well-reasoned plan to protect your financial interests. Your lawyer must begin preparing your case for trial the day he or she is retained, in the event a settlement cannot be reached and a trial is necessary. There is no excuse for lack of preparation!

Full and Complete Financial Disclosure Required

In New York, there is mandatory financial disclosure by both parties. This is a process that requires the exchange of financial information, documents, and records. A review of all assets is absolutely necessary and essential to insure your financial interests are protected, particularly in a situation where your spouse has more knowledge regarding the finances than you do.

Marital Assets Must Be Identified and Valued

To determine your financial interests, all marital assets must be identified and valued before any settlement terms are proposed and any agreement is finalized. This process can be extensive and intimidating, especially if you were not handling the day-to-day finances during the marriage. Often appraisals are necessary and if a business is involved, a forensic accountant is usually required.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Is Critical

It is important your lawyer have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle the financial issues in your case. The Rossi Law Firm has been handling complex, high asset, divorce cases for over four decades. Our Buffalo lawyers and divorce legal team will fight to protect your financial interests and ensure you have financial security moving forward.

Preeminently Qualified. Nationally Recognized. Respected and Trusted.

When you hire The Rossi Law Firm, Michael Anthony Rossi will personally handle your case. Michael is nationally recognized and has consistently received the highest possible rating for both legal ability and ethical standards. With over four decades of experience handling complex divorce and custody cases, our Buffalo divorce team understands the emotional and financial challenges individuals experience when facing the uncertainty of divorce. We will be there for you when you need the guidance and direction to get you through the difficult times. If you are ready to move forward with divorce, call Michael Anthony Rossi at The Rossi Law Firm at 716-854-5555. “It may be the most important call you will ever make!” – Michael Anthony Rossi